Aims and objectives of the congress



The Third International Congress "Mathematical Modeling for Social and Environmental Sciences"   aims at publishing refereed, original research studies and articles that brings up the latest development and research in mathematical sciences and engineering area. The goal of the congress is to bring together leading engineers, researchers and academics from the world to discuss novel theories, technologies and applications of mathematics in major engineering fields.

Given the millennium conjuncture it was decided that this edition will be around the theme: Mathematical Modeling for Social and Environmental Sciences. The topics will focus on the following subjects with a strong or weak presence of some formulas or mathematical approaches:

1) Health and medicine,

2) Energy and electrical engineering,

3) Chemistry and biology,

4) Information systems,

5) Physics and mechanics,

6) Environmental sciences.

The congress will feature prominent plenary speakers as well as technical sessions. It covers broad spectrum of topics related to mathematics applications in engineering and other sciences. MASSIF 2018 is a peer-reviewed congress, with experts from different parts of world.

Scope of the congress

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

  •      Mathematics in the applied sciences
  •      Mathematical modeling in climatology.
  •      Modeling for the littoral environment.
  •      Modeling for underground studies
  •      Mechanical and electronic modeling for green industry (green energy, ...).
  •      Modeling and neuroscience.
  •      Biomecanics and Biomathematics.
  •      Stochastic modeling in financial systems.
  •      Systems  theory
  •      Econometrics for a green economics
  •      Biochemical and bioanalytical modeling.
  •      Ecological information systems.
  •     Green IT.
  •     Geostatistics.



Important dates

Submission paper closing date

28th February 2018

Acceptance Notification

15th March 2018

Congress Dates :

25th - 26th – 27th April 2018.

Steering committee

- Mostafa BOUSMINA :

  Chairman of the scientific committee.

- Nourddin SAIDOU :

  Congress coordinator.

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